30 November 2018

pnw roadtrip | seattle, and north.

the gift of washington: coffee on every corner, bundling baby for strolls on dark mornings, buttermilk old fashioned doughnuts, friends-in-the-next-room sounds, in-the-forest sounds, a bagful of paperbacks to carry home to new york, four years together toasted with a shared slice of candied raspberry cake, mostly grey days just what we needed, looking-listening-feeling, listening for long bits of time, a gathered bouquet of inspiration for our own daily rhythms, sight of a papa's fingers buttoning his boy's sweater on a ferry boat ride, baby's first. 

favorites of seattle:
+ top pot doughnuts
+ baked eggs and muhammara toast at the london plane (a restaurant-bakery-flowershop-dream)
+ eggs, biscuits, and thick coffees at oddfellows cafe
+ elliott bay book co. (just how i have always imagined a bookshop to be)
+ ferry boat ride to bainbridge island 

and of course, hours and hours, spread over days and days, poking around pike place market, watching tosses of fish and sharing cream-filled pastries from piroshky piroshky and lemon curd greek yogurt from ellenos. there was no line, so we ducked into the very first starbucks. bucketfuls of dahlias made my heart beat fast; they are one of millions of things that bring me joy, and there they cost one dollar a stem. what a dream.

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  1. bundled babies, donuts & foggy gray days ... swoon.

    adding these things to my "seattle-list" for when we're there (: