29 August 2018

shelter island.

we joined dear friends on shelter island over the weekend. the mainardis spend a week on the island each august and generously open their doors to family and friends for a barbecue, for a night, for a weekend for a swim...really, whatever it is that one fancies. this is the second summer we've been able to make the trip, the first being the summer we were engaged, and it was endless fun to think on the drive out of all that's unfolded across those two years. a lifetime, it feels like. 

shelter island is a sweet, sweet village east of manhattan. that it is reachable only by ferry only heaps on the charm. the house is steps from a cafe where we strolled for croissants and milky coffee in the morning, ordered pulled pork sandwiches for lunch, and fetched lobster rolls and fried chicken later. hydrangeas were heavy in bloom and sunsets were shell pink, and we toasted tim's birthday with sips of whiskey and two cakes from the blue duck bakery. we went for dips in the pool and drove around the island admiring stately victorians that lean ever so slightly to the right, stopping for yard sales and cones at tuck shop. 

the true blue feeling of summer can be hard to come by living in the city, but it found us here in abundance. 

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