17 August 2018

oysters and absinthe.

scenes from a traipse to williamsburg on a hazy-hot day. we wandered into maison premiere for oysters and absinthe cocktails and a sit in the garden. francis gummed his very first baguette and nearly broke his mama's heart with the sweetness of it all. notes of gypsy jazz floated on the air and, for all we knew, we might've been in paris.

making our way back towards the train, we stumbled upon a long-hunted, antique shaker spindle bench left curbside, and hailed a cab home for the grand total of thirty four dollars. as seen in local shops, the very same bench o'dreams would've cost in the high hundreds. one woman's trash, and all that...

1 comment:

  1. While I don't love oysters I do love absinthe cocktails (Mikey loves oysters) .. save that place for our next visit (: