17 June 2018

papa & boy.

i look at these photographs, and i want for nothing. my baby in the arms of my husband is magic. they are my magic.

last father's day weekend, we shared with our families that we were expecting. the one before that, christopher asked me to be his wife. this year, we've got a pudding-cheeked sunshine boy in our arms, and he's making our world go 'round. 

and at the center of all in my sights is my christopher. he made me a mother, and i see him in new ways as i observe him living his roles of husband and father so beautifully, so entirely. he loves us deeply. he serves us selflessly. his patience is endless. his joy is uncontainable. 

he shares and supports my desire to be the one spending days tending our son, and he is my absolute partner in all things. he steadies my feet and he gives me love and our babies and the motherhood of my dreams. he gives me everything, everything. 

happy father's day, my love. i chose well in choosing you. 

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