05 March 2018

papa & boy.

heartbeats of my loves, two mornings past. 

we rose slowly, settled in for a long nurse, and moved about the morning — the entirety of the day, really — happy for coffee and happy to be together. chris has returned to work from bonding leave, and francis and i meet our days of the week with curiosity. together we are finding our new rhythm, and what that means for a family of three.  

but weekends! blessed days when our beloved is home and time is ours for the spending. i have always loved weekends, of course, but lately they've felt so earned. 

and so our delicate right now is spent consumed by one another. i have been entrusted with two souls to love and call my own. two loves to wake to each morning and kiss each night. how about that.

what's more: i am a witness, a fascinated observer, of all that's blooming between papa and boy, and i am stirred to my marrow with deep, thrumming joy. my husband has a son. how about that.

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