28 February 2018


february has been so good to us. i think when i look back on this winter we spent awaiting, and then welcoming, our first baby, i will always marvel at how the rhythm of our bodies has mirrored the rhythm of our days, and how the rhythm of our days has mirrored the rhythm of the season. things have been slow and still, quiet and reverent.

we have delighted in home. lots of cooking. lots of napping. lots of baths. lots of walks around our sweet neighborhood for coffee and sunshine.

we have read novels and poetry. we have diffused wild orange and rose otto. we have watched the olympics and finished, finally, parks and rec. we have volleyed plans for spring and summer. we have been loved so well by family and friends.

we have rejoiced in growth: three pounds in four weeks, the deepening of partnership.

we are learning how to be parents, his parents, in just the way, in all the ways, he needs us. we are meeting each day with sleepy eyes and open hands. we are learning what it is to give entirely of ourselves, practicing patience and grace — helping one another carve time to feed our spirits — asking for, and granting, do-overs as we need them.

we have chanted it: our son, our son. we have felt the way those words roll from our lips and been rocked to our marrow. we have a son. 

we are learning what it is to be a family of three. we are discovering joy previously unimaginable.


  1. These photos are so wonderful! I know it will always be such a joy to look back on your first month with your baby boy. And what a beautiful family you three make! All the heart emojis :)