10 January 2018

a party for baby.

glimpses into one saturday past, when we were showered with such love — such generosity – such support, and by so many, gathered from all over. your grandma and aunties laura, angie, amanda, and ali worked together across months and time zones to make it all really beautiful, to make it all sing of us. 

i love, i so deeply appreciate: the theme, you shall see wonders (and, oh, my dove, you shall) — the flowers (cream roses, my favorite, the ones i carried the day i married your papa) — the treats (quiche and cookies and baked french toast, made by hands that love us so) — the books (your darling library is growing and growing) — the gifts (we have a stroller for you now) — the miles traveled (over rivers and mountains and continents) — the treasures passed on by your grandma (your papa's own baby clothes) — the love shown to me by your aunt laura (all the delicate necessaries for a new mama). 

and something else: i love that this gathering so meaningfully — yet so unintentionally — paralleled our shower given in south carolina by your pippi and aunties amber and megan. our people know us, and you'll learn, my dove, that to feel known in this life is an inestimable buoy. maybe nothing is better. 

(how loved, how anticipated, how wanted you are. how much joy you already bring.)


  1. We love you three so much! We are so excited for Baby Brown!!!

  2. oh my! this is stunning.. (sipping my coffee and reading this on our desktop and just realized i can leave you a comment and I'm pretty excited bout it.. feeling connected across the miles ;) what a precious shower! every single detail.. the icelandic yogurt and french quiche! <3 i mean, perfect in every way. to be known, to feel understood.. maybe nothing better indeed. love to you and baby brown today! happy weekending!

  3. I couldn’t believe it when I saw the pictures of the SC shower and realized our theme was preeeeetty much exactly the same. Haha. But then, I wasn’t surprised at all, because it was so you! I guess your people know you! :) Loved being with you on yours and baby’s special day.

  4. love!! all the details! so intricately you (: counting down the days now sweet sister, mine!

  5. This! Oh Alexa this is so beautiful. Such a beautiful shower, clearly, but your thoughts, your words — “to be known in this life is an inestimable buoy” — brought tears to my eyes. So much sweetness and clarity and truth in those words. I am so very glad you had this special day and I know all are wishing you so many special days with your sweet babe.

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