11 December 2017

snow in the city, two weeks before christmas.

eight winters in new york city, and this was the first snowfall before christmas. there was the year snowflakes dusted pumpkins halloween week, and also the year we saw a blink of flakes the second week of december. but it was never like this.

i went off for the morning to do a spot of holiday shopping, my belly bundled tight, christmas blend coffee in hand. there is delicious nostalgia in the city under a blanket of snow ever, but two weeks before christmas, and my eyes brimmed with falling tears. sidewalk tree forests, still and sparkling under fairy lights — neighbors scurrying this way and that, doing common errands and santa's work — pops of red velvet ribbon peeking out beneath piles of snow...such magic, such beauty, just the way the holidays ought to feel.

i picked up stems of berries for our table and warm chocolate chip cookies for us to share, and walked home slowly, happy to kiss my husband, happy to spend an afternoon wrapping gifts and watching the snowfall from the window beyond our twinkling tree, happy to know what it is to feel a baby kick on a snowy day, happy for the memories, even as i lived them.


  1. Alexa, these photos are so so gorgeous. I love how happy you look. I could tell that from your words, what beautiful memories. I am so looking forward to returning to winter!

    1. thank you very much for your kind words, louise! i, too, am rejoicing in winter. give me all the cozy days!

      happy holidays to you and yours!