04 November 2017

one year my mister, three years mine.

today we're three years since we met for a blind date on the corner of fifth and forty first, and one year since i walked toward you with roses in my hands and a prayer in my eyes.

the year unfolded and we went places -- our honeymoon on the dalmatian coast, south for christmas, dc in the spring, the winter woods for my twenty ninth birthday, morocco and spain for your thirtieth, west in the summer, central park for picnics, iceland to ring in this very occasion.

we made things -- sunday suppers and pies on thanksgiving and time and a baby.

we loved each other well and we had the hard conversations and we kept each other safe and we kept each other wild. we built an empire of rituals -- sundays and park benches and coffee cups and hand-holding.

cheers to you and me, my camerado -- to where we've been and where we're going.

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