05 October 2017

meet me in kc.

it's that time of year, time for picking a place on a map -- someplace we've never been -- and meeting dear friends for a wander. there have been years for boston and newport, and years for places in between, and this was a year for kansas city. we spent midwest autumn's earliest days poking around flea markets and antique shops, and filling our bellies with tacos and french toast and local coffee and bbq.

we've been planning since winter, long before there grew a babe in my or megan's tum, but i think maybe i knew even then, nestled somewhere deep in the river of my soul, i'd truly need this come october. year in and year out, i return from these days spent with my oldest friends feeling uplifted and renewed and so very known. there was something in this weekend especially, something about this particular season we are living in, that filled me right up. between the three of us, we've got five babes under four and two on the way, and walking through these days together, with nothing but time to talk and share and advise and laugh, fed me well, as a woman, as a wife, as a mama.

cheers to five years of meeting in the middle, sweet friends!

a few favorites from the weekend:
+ iced brown sugar lattes at quay coffee
+ flea markets in west bottoms
+ brown butter sundaes at betty rae's
+ banana bread french toast at the oliver
+ pecan butter french toast at blue bird bistro
+ pulled pork and all the fixins at joe's kc
+ pizza at grinders
+ nutella beignets and wandering the river market
+ all the mission tacos
+ espresso at thou mayest


  1. It is a wonderful place and I can see it from the pics that you are enjoying it really well. Hope that you like the city and do visit all the famous places in time/

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