14 September 2017

this right here. this is my happy thought.

we're just home from morocco and spain, and getting settled in all the necessary ways following a pair of weeks away. unpacking, stocking cupboards, sorting mail, early bedtimes. i have yet to touch my big camera and, if i am being honest, i won't until the weekend. no doubt i'll be untangling these particular travels -- things we saw, ways i felt -- for a long time yet.

but this. this, i cup in my palm like a tiny bird. like the treasure that it is. something thrumming through my marrow in ways prose will always fail.

sunday in madrid as the leaves began to turn. myself and my one and our one. one napping in my lap, the other napping in my tum. and here it is: this is what i wanted.

i wanted and waited and prayed for this. for him, for this baby, for the others, to live a single afternoon just like this. his girl, their mama -- it's all i have ever wanted to be.

and in noticing myself living it, to relax into the silence and let what could be, be. to feel held in it.


  1. This was beautiful.
    I'm so happy for you.
    (and I would like this too.)

  2. I've been a casual follower for years, and I just have to say- I am so, so happy for you. I know you are savoring every moment, thank you for sharing with us.

  3. Random question: what camera and lenses do you use? I love your photos.💕