25 August 2017

new views and this and that.

my, what a week! it's been hours of settling and sorting and learning where our treasures live, sprinkled like sugar atop long days of work. we've met friends for dinner. we've caught up on game of thrones. we've spent time gazing out our windows, eyes tracing new views.

our farm table arrived this morning, and what a beauty! the very table christopher's family has gathered around since he was a boy. for such a long time, we have dreamed together of a gathering space of our own, and that good day has come. i gave her a swipe of almond oil, and she's shining like a new penny.

it's dahlia season! one of the surest signs that autumn is nigh. i scooped a bunch from the farmers market this afternoon, and with the string of sixty degree evenings we've seen all week, my spirit is flickering at the promise of cozy days ahead. soon, soon.

we rode the ferry over to ikea in brooklyn a few days back in search of the necessaries, and all the way, we marveled together that an outing to ikea in new york city is a matter of a ferry boat ride along a spectacular skyline. ordinary, extraordinary.

christopher has just gone to join friends for a weekend by the shore, and i am giddy for a pair of days to nest and wander and rest. it is a weekend for painting doors and hanging paintings, organizing closets and walking to the bookshop around the corner for something new to live inside a while. i've got a load of clothes to drop for donation and a bread recipe singing my name. i've got my eye on a morning spent writing at a cafe downtown and an afternoon spent baking my husband a birthday cake. we'll be traveling on his actual (thirtieth!) birthday next week and, anyway, i am of the belief that birthday celebrations should ring all week long...

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  1. As always, your use of language is just breath-taking! I so love how you capture your moments. Have a wonderfully cozy weekend :)