30 May 2017

memorial day weekend.

megan & mike came to play for the long holiday weekend, and what a weekend it was! it was a dream megan & i have dreamt since i met my christopher -- a double date with our loves in new york city. they've got three tiny boys at home and a babe in her belly, and it makes me teary to think of all the time and planning and commitment it took to bring us here together.

we spent days wandering brooklyn and the village, eating ten o'clock suppers and ice cream cones at davey's. we got lost in local bookshops -- the strand, westsider books, book culture -- and bought sackfuls of paperbacks. we feasted: supper and doughnut plant and shake shack. we imbibed: cocktails at maison pickle. we poked around brooklyn flea and the greenmarket, and rode the carousel in central park. we walked thirty miles across the weekend. we took a good look at the oculus, hopped on the 4 train, and compared & contrasted grand central terminal. we shared coffee and pie at four & twenty blackbirds. and we talked, oh how we talked. we talked our way through the hours -- of travel and god and natural childbirth and parenting and flipping houses. we talked in a way that left our spirits feeling nourished and grown. long after megan & mike had left for the airport, we were still talking of seeing this world together years from now, upwards of a dozen babes between us. perhaps sharing a backyard, too. yes, i would quite like to share a backyard with the martins. i can see us now -- sharing a laundry line and backyard movie nights, captain fantastic cast on a sheet.

(let's live that dream.)

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