24 April 2017


we rang it in by the blossoms at the reservoir, wearing blazers & sipping coffee in the rain. we bid it farewell by the blossoms at the reservoir, wearing short sleeves & sipping milkshakes on a picnic blanket. how funny, how fickle, april is!

it was a weekend of skillet roasted root vegetables, an egg cracked over top. of sleeping long & late, having a bath, and crawling back to bed with a book. of heading out into the drizzle for frozen yogurt and spring shorts. of finishing our books and walking straight to the shop on columbus for more. of bagels in the sunshine on the bench on 81st street. of a soccer match and husband's gumbo. of meeting friends for the season's first picnic. of wandering tunnels of puffed pink blossoms, in full bloom -- of holding their papery petals in our hands, such marvelous things.

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