05 April 2017

the whitney.

i don't know if i am simply becoming, or if winter's been long, but i don't recall ever feeling quite so ready for spring. or, as the calendar swears we're in april, i should say: for spring to feel like spring. most days we leave our winter coats hanging in the back of the closet in protest, and most days we feel cold as a result. it's true -- over here, we are yearning for bare ankles and picnics under the cherry blossoms, the bright way the city smells after warm rain, mornings at the farmers market, al fresco suppers, and peonies, oh peonies....

while we wait out the chill, we've been museum hopping across weekends. the met, being our favorite and only a short walk across central park from our treehouse, is an easy landing, but there really is so much more to see. this weekend we stopped by the whitney after brunch, wandering in and out of exhibits, and in and out of doors. one of the best elements of the whitney is that each floor has rooftop access and a view that cannot be topped. and, of course, the loads and loads of 20th and 21st century american art.

we're not the biggest fans of modern art you ever did meet, but we very much enjoyed the 1980s brooklyn street photography, the room full of flowering cherry blossom trees, and the avedon photograph of dovima in an evening dress standing amongst circus elephants. it's absolutely stunning. i've never seen anything like it.

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  1. Alexa! I've been a silent reader for far too long but I've always enjoyed your posts and reading about where you + your husband hop around NY to wonderful places. First reading about when you guys got engaged and finally together now was the sweetest. I'm actually heading to NY this weekend for work and have had plenty of inspiration from your blog :)

    And hi, finally!