27 March 2017


the past few days have felt like winter and smelled like spring. all week, we looked so forward to a restful pair of days together, and that's just what we had.

we went to nolita for wood fired b.l.t. bagels at black seed and pear & pollen juice at the butcher's daughter. we wended our way through the village and poked around pretty papers and letterpress cards at goods for the study. we bought sea salt caramels at chelsea market and swooned over sally field in the glass menagerie. we joined chris' uncle tj and his beau for dinner at the smith. he napped; i baked a blood orange + olive oil cake; we tagteamed our home chores. it was the weekend we hoped for -- slow and sweet, happy and whole.

1 comment:

  1. just like how weekends supposed to be...
    I like how you describe 'felt like winter smelled like spring' :)