31 March 2017

ordinary, extraordinary.

bless my husband for waking with the songbirds and a smile when i floated the idea of an early morning date in general, of doughnuts in the flatiron district in specific. we made way down fifth avenue just as the city yawned to life and we popped into toby's estate for drip coffee and we shared nutella and hibiscus and café au lait doughnuts and we took that workday morning in grey march and made it ours, we did.

and it's friday once more and we've sketched out a pair of days that look something like this: a walk in central park and an afternoon watching soccer (him) and an afternoon baking & writing (me) and breakfast out and a walkabout the whitney and home for sunday supper.


  1. love! weekday dates are the best! and for donuts......even better! (: speakin' my love language!