21 February 2017


new york has been sunny & sixty these last few days, and we've been living outdoors. i can't even recall an april so mild as this stretch of february, and i am teetering between this is nice and this is terrifying. 

admittedly, stretching our legs with miles of walking in the sunshine & our lungs with gulps of fresh, delicious air has done our bodies a world of good. all told, we walked upwards of sixteen miles this long weekend, our feet carrying us everywhere we wanted to go -- eastward through the village, south down second avenue, and across manhattan bridge for a golden hour along the water. through the cloisters for a peek at medieval tapestries and the sleepy hudson river. around the neighborhood for errands and smoothies. up to harlem for cuddles with our pudding-cheeked niece, born valentine's day and making us an aunt & uncle.

other weekend things: our treehouse filled with flowers. brunch with friends over french toast and lilac tea. new yorkers, twitterpated in the sunshine, spilling out into the streets. stir fry & mapo lo mein at chinese tuxedo. falling asleep with our windows thrown open, a cool breeze dancing in -- for these are the nights where we find our best sleep.

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  1. Seriously is this February? What is happening??
    These pictures on the water are beautiful. And I miss you.