10 February 2017


snow on a saturday is one thing and snow on a thursday is quite another. it felt so luxurious, waking up to big, beautiful snowflakes and staying home with husband all day. we had fair warning of the storm -- though it was sunny and sixty when the weatherman called for a blizzard on the way? -- so i stocked our cupboards with all the fixings of a proper snow day. eggs and carrots and parsnips and sweet potatoes for a skillet breakfast. cream for coffee. the makings of chocolate chip cookies, because is there anything nicer than cookies straight from the oven when you come in from the snow?

we so enjoyed this day. breakfast by the window as the flakes swirled wildly by. a walk around the neighborhood. a duck into orwasher's to share a sticky bun. getting cozy back at home, warming our toes by the radiator as loads more snow fell throughout the day. thanks for showing up, snow! we sure do like you.


  1. So great! I love the pictures you got. And I love how clean and white it all is when it's fresh - especially in the city.

  2. i love snow even though snow doesn't exist in my country haha. i wish i can experience it someday. :)