19 December 2016


we visited christopher's mama and dad in new jersey over the weekend. it was the coziest couple of days! my mother-in-law sure knows her way around christmastime -- their darling cottage is bursting with trees and lights, a santa claus collection and the boys' childhood ornaments. a stack of letters little christopher wrote to santa sits on the coffee table -- one with a map of the way chris wanted his train tracks set up and an invitation for santa to play with his train, "if you want" -- and reading through them made my heart ache in such a good way.  that sweet little boy grew up to be my sweet husband, and i'll never not be in awe of -- and profoundly grateful for -- that.

we woke up saturday morning to a winter wonderland. we went for a snow walk, my mother-in-law made french toast, and we watched the family stone in our jams by the fire. we'll be spending christmas in south carolina, so it was lovely to share one on one time with his parents, dreaming up plans for the new year, sharing photos & stories from our honeymoon last month, and simply enjoying the good company.

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