31 October 2016

bridal shower at freemans.

my darling lady friends here in the city threw me a magnificent bridal shower on saturday. it was held in the wine room at freemans, one of my very favorite pockets of new york city. we brunched all afternoon, sipping hot coffee and fizzy cocktails, passing baked eggs and pumpkin pancakes, and keeping each other in stitches.

my beloved guests came from all over -- by foot, by train, by plane. maybe the best part was hearing in their own voices the story of how we met and their memories of first meeting christopher, and then seeing these ladies connect and make new friends with each other. i just really loved that.

it was such a lovely time. we snapped playful polaroids and read love poems and lyrics that were typed on parchment and strewn about the table. delicate, beautiful things were added to my trousseau and my hostesses made ethereal flower crowns for all to wear. i'm currently pondering how to preserve and protect mine for years to come, in hopes of a someday girl's wall to hang it upon. what a sweet scene that would be.

so very many thanks to bethany, courtney, and elizabeth for gifting me such a happy, meaningful day and to all who gathered and made me feel so treasured. i love you all.

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  1. i love this & that you're being showered by so many people who love you (what a testament to who you are sweet friend!)! what i would give to have been able to come! (: know that i'm celebrating you from home & in spirit ... and that i'm so pumped to see you TOMORROW!!! woohoooo!!