15 September 2016

a september treehouse.

as i was tidying up the treehouse earlier this week, i noticed so many odds and ends scattered about that really speak the story of these september days. i wanted to write them down before they give way to something new and are gone forever. 

these are the days of...

andrew bird and fleet foxes. we are always, always listening to music, from the moment the kettle is first set to boil for the french press until the moon's hanging low outside the window at night. they, in particular, are the sounds of our september.

happy mail. nary a week goes by that the post doesn't deliver good cheer. a wedding invitation from friends, an rsvp to our own, a card brimming with warm wishes, a gift to feather our nest. words can't say how much it means to be so covered in love by dear ones near and far.

no more wall space. currently homeless are a print of degas' dancers we brought home from paris in february and the lyrics to spanish pipedream propped up on the bookshelf. as much as i yearn to have walls upon which hang them properly, though, i know someday i'll yearn more for this treehouse.

sparkling water. we're on a major kick over here, going through a few bottles a week. once they are empty, i love to use the pretty colored glass bottles as lavender and bud vases. we plan to set a few atop our wedding dinner table, as well.

an evergrowing stack of books. re-visiting the harry potter series and visiting walden for the very first time are just the company i'd like to keep as we make our way into autumn.

found treasures. an old pair of bronze candlesticks from our trip to visit family in texas in july, a vintage peach dress that i'm saving for our honeymoon, tiny moccasins and a small dress found over the summer and stored away for our own little darlings to wear someday. 

sweet beginnings. often as we talk about plans for a trip to the apple orchard or baking our first pie in the dish we received at my bridal shower or where we'll spend christmas, the thought of, "this time next year, we'll be married!" brushes against me and my heart swells. we have so much to look forward to -- this year, in the next year, all of our days.


  1. Your words make my heart sing! Thank you and I love you! That is all.

    1. you're the best :) always so sweet and supportive! i love you muchly.