02 June 2016

memorial day in the city.

whenever we travel, i am the queen of milking a vacation for all it is worth and booking the return trip home for the latest possible hour....and then paying for it in exhaustion for days after. when we planned our trip down to amelia island for the long weekend, we decided to return home sunday instead of monday to give ourselves a day to relax in the city. that decision shall henceforth be known as BRILLIANT. if you've never been in new york city on a summer holiday, i highly recommend it. most everyone flees the city and those who stay get the place all to themselves.

we celebrated memorial day with a quiet afternoon in brooklyn. places we went that day:
+ dinosaur bbq, because it isn't a summer holiday without ribs and sweet tea
+ four & twenty blackbirds to share a slice of salted caramel apple pie
+ prospect park for people watching and dreaming up our to do list for summer in the city
+ park slope for cold brew & a festive walk
+ the soldiers' and sailors' memorial arch at grand army plaza
+ target, because when in brooklyn...

it was a good & happy start to summer. 

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