09 June 2016

golden hour stroll in brooklyn bridge park.

once a week, chris plays soccer with friends in brooklyn bridge park. i love to sit in the sunshine and watch, with a sweeping view of the skyline, the smell of salt curling off the harbor. his friends call me coach, and i love that they do.

this week, we made a little date of it, arriving early to stroll from the bridge to the piers at the golden hour. we got a close up of martin creed's rotating sculpture, understanding, and said a small prayer of thanks for public art, for the way it elevates our city. we shared a scoop of ample hills' ooey gooey butter cake and saluted the regal nantucket. we watched the sailboats dotting the water, like pearls on a string.


  1. I think that is where my favorite view of the city is from! I think we need to come watch you "coach"! XOXOXO

  2. brooklyn bridge park is so awesome! i can't believe i haven't spent more time down there. so pretty.