07 June 2016

gallery on waverly place.

i am so, so excited for the debut of a project i have been working on for a few weeks now -- a gallery featuring sixteen of my photographs of new york, paris, charleston, & other places i adore. the gallery is on display all summer at the west village/waverly place location of joe coffee and, come fall, will move to the upper west side. 

i feel so honored that my photographs were chosen for display, and so grateful for and encouraged by the support family, friends, and even perfect strangers have shown me since the gallery opened. 

photography is deeply personal to me. i am desperate to capture life as it really is -- as it really was -- and the truth of it all is in the details of the people, the faces, the places, the objects. to have some of my most beloved images on display for all to see is thrilling. to receive such positive and enthusiastic feedback is something else entirely. 

to celebrate, chris secretly orchestrated a lovely morning with laura, his parents, and his brothers. they each braved a downpour to surprise me with a visit to the gallery and brunch at extra virgin (my favorite!). it was such a fun, festive morning, and it means so much to me that everyone set aside their sunday morning on my behalf. i could not feel more lucky or thankful that his family has become my family, and that my joy is their joy. it's really something special, i know. 


  1. Oh man, Alexa, that's awesome! I can't wait to head down there to see it on display in all its glory!

  2. C O N G R A T S!!! xo Wish I could see them in person!!

  3. Also, ZION! All the heart emojis.

  4. Incredible! Thrilled for you, friend. <3