17 May 2016

doing, reading, listening, etc.

doing --
experimenting with homemade pizza and summertime salads. his tuesday evening soccer games on the pretty brooklyn waterfront. finally doing something about all of those photographs, receipts, and scribbled observations from paris. focusing on daily, creative practice. taking -- making -- more time to explore my love for images and words, and what that means for this season of life. remembering that: how we spend our days is how we spend our life.

reading -- 
i simply cannot put bringing up bébé down. it's technically about french parenting. it's really about the differences in french and american culture. 

listening --
always to bob dylan. right now we're partial to blonde on blonde and blood on the tracks. 

watching -- 
we're currently hooked on tom hanks' documentary mini-series the sixties. we still love last week tonight. and, of course, game of thrones. 

traveling -- 
may is, blessedly, offering a long stretch of travel, taking us to the carolinas for a graduation and a baptism, chicago for a wedding, and amelia island for the long holiday weekend with friends. work is also taking chris to philadelphia and dc, and i am thrilled for the opportunity to tag along. what a gift, to explore the world side by side.

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  1. I'm glad you're loving bringing up bebe!

    We also watch game of thrones! Sooooo good! (We have an edited version. No sex but all the gore. Hahaha I don't know what this says about us.)