21 April 2016

sheep meadow picnic.

a few nights back, we met friends in central park for sunday supper -- the very first picnic of the year!

i cannot imagine our life in new york city without central park. it's our walking spot, our gathering place, our shortcut to the met, our lazy summer sunday, our mini getaway when we just need trees and streams and green in our life. it's our beloved backyard.

for the season's inaugural picnic, we set up camp in sheep meadow along with everyone else in new york and whiled away the breezy evening snacking on cheese and pasta salad, passing babies and sipping lemonade. it was lovely. it was just what we dreamed of across those grey days in march. 

here's to a million more moments just like this -- al fresco dinners and sandal-wearing days and kites in the sky and happy gatherings in the park. we love you, spring. 

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  1. I loved this evening and I LOVE these pictures! You are the best.