12 April 2016

in celebration of --

white tee shirts. iced cappuccinos. flower district mornings. museum afternoons. peonies by the armful. lilacs by the jarful. flowy kimonos. ballet flats. crisp paperbacks, tucked in my bag. iron & wine, all the time. windows open to welcome birdsong. impromptu walks for chocolate milkshakes. napping to the tap dance of raindrops. people-watching out coffeeshop windows. pizza picnics under the brooklyn bridge. free fridays at moma. yoga as the sun sets over the west side. hot dogs and soft pretzels in central park. sundays at home -- bare feet, records spinning, rosé in hand, dancing in the kitchen. spring.


  1. I love "the tap dance of raindrops" - such a beautiful image!

  2. Lovely :) This makes me long for long summery walks in the park, milkshakes and late, warm evenings.

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