26 April 2016

celebrating ben & nora.

over the weekend, we celebrated ben and nora's first birthdays. these darling babes were hoped and prayed and wished for for such a long, long time -- and now they've been here with us for one whole year!

watching angie blossom so naturally as a mama -- and playing aunt to her little lady and gentleman -- has been a great joy of mine this past year. these babies are tender (him), feisty (her), spirited, and sweet. but mostly, they love to be in their mama's arms. and don't get me going on their mama -- pure gold, that one.

to celebrate, we gathered on a sunny rooftop, sipped on lemonade, and snacked on sweets. i am so happy we were able to celebrate not only these babes' first year of life, but also angie and klane's first year as mama and dad. they are incredible at this whole parenthood thing.

happy birthday, benjamin and nora! we love you.


  1. Well now I'm crying. I am so blessed to have you for a friend. I love you so much! Thanks for loving my babies and for celebrating with us every step of the way! Ben and Nora are so lucky to have Aunt Alexa in their life!

  2. Just so beautiful! Happy Birthday Ben and Nora!!!

  3. These pictures are so cute. The roof top set up looks great. Thank you so much for sharing these photos. I wish Ben and Nora a very happy first birthday.