22 February 2016


the one of:

windows thrown open -- for the first time since autumn -- to birdsong and a warm front. dates with with friends: bbq for him, thai food and facials for me. a long walk -- to the hungarian pastry shop for strudel, to columbia for the view, to buy roses on the corner. letters written. louis armstrong crooning as we filled the french press. homemade meatballs for sunday supper -- one of my favorite things he makes.

there's so much to notice, to rejoice in, about these in-between days. we're still in sweaters and the days move slow and it may still snow yet. and yet. each passing day gifts us more light and the promise of magnolias -- of bare feet -- of spring.

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  1. of fun & full of beauty! wish we were close enough to weekend with you guys! (: xo