02 November 2015


this weekend was flawless, one of those crispy fall weekends you wish would hang his hat and stay for a time. we baked a pie and watched the marathon, shared small plates at kuma inn and listened to vance joy on a loop. on halloween, we took a train to sleepy hollow for an amble about town and the graveyard, reading the legend on the ride and walking in fallen leaves piled high to our shins. on sunday, we bought roses for our table and i sent up prayer after prayer of thanks for this sweet life.

one november first, i am eating guacamole on 18th street, confiding in my aunt that i am afraid i'll never meet somebody who might be my someone, who might be for me; that i'll never know what it is to share a life; that such a thing isn't meant for me. and the very next, i am sundaying with my very own someone, eating cheese and reading books as the smell of pot roast floats from the kitchen and the sun pours into the treehouse on its way down.

who can ever say how it all works, if it's timing or chance or the pull of the moon, but i look at this little kingdom of ours, this heaven of ours right here on earth, and i know that my life has been clearly split in two. life before, and life with.


  1. Oh my heart! It is exploding with happiness for you! For both of you! XO

  2. Mmm, your photos are always so gorgeous, celebrating the small simple things. Roses and candles burning - what a lovely combination :) and your love story makes my heart swell. Magic. x