23 November 2015


oh, how i nested. chris was traveling for work, so i took the time to dive into projects around the treehouse before my parents arrive tomorrow (!!) and the holiday week begins. new photos printed and framed. crisp sheets on the bed. fresh towels hanging in the bathroom. all of the laundry washed and folded. cupboards stocked. thanksgiving recipes gathered. maybe i watched the family stone twice.

on saturday, i scampered down to the west village for a lady date -- focaccia at rosemary's, pumpkin pie ice cream at van leeuwen's, good talks and laughs, as always.

and, for the weekend's magnum opus, i put the last of the apples i picked upstate to good use and made apple butter for the first time. doing so did nothing but stoke the fires of my farmhouse dreams. i peeled and cored and worked with my hands; apples and cider and spices simmered the hours away; smooth butter winked at me from shiny glass jars, and everything just felt good. farmhouse dreams abound.

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