18 November 2015

we took a walk.

chris' brother was married over the weekend and a host of family and friends descended upon new york for the festivities. more on the wedding soon, but for now, there is this:

on saturday, we walked morningside heights and columbia's sun-dappled campus, sweater-bundled and sipping cappuccinos. we talked about paris, about what it's like to live in new york-- in the world -- post-9/11. we talked about how it got to be this way.

words like violence and uncertainty fell from our bewildered mouths. and yet. with each footstep, a thought with far more power resounded: there are still people in the world taking a walk in the afternoon. there are still people in the world seeking, finding, celebrating goodness and hope and joy, in all of life's corners. in cold hands and hot coffee. in the company of loved ones. in the giggles of babies. in kind exchanges with strangers. in marriage ceremonies. in the streets of cities. within the walls of homes.

this violence and uncertainty is the heaviest thing to wrap my heart around, but there is still good. there is still so much good. and, in the words of cheryl strayed, every last one of us can do better than give up.

and that is the thought i have carried into this week. i can do better than give up. it's easy to let fear creep in, to let my mind run wild every time i step on a subway train or chris packs for the airport. but i will not do that. instead, i choose to live, to love, to be helpful, to be kind.


  1. Alexa, this is so beautiful and heart-wrenching and just what I needed to read this week. Not giving up over here either. x

  2. Your dad just asked me this morning if I was afraid to come to NY next week. I said absolutely not! Love is our most powerful weapon and there will be so much of that going on next week! I love you! XO

  3. so good. so true! my parents were planning a trip to Paris sometime next year and my mom said maybe they shouldn't go, and i thought "of course you should! paris needs love now more than ever!" life and love and happiness must go on. :)

  4. My Chris has been saying something similar, we can not let them win. What a beautiful piece, Alexa, in the midst of tragedy. Thank you for sharing. <3