07 November 2015

taking stock // 006.

making: apple pie, apple dumplings, apple everything. 
eating: frozen thin mints. three cheers for running into the girl scouts this week.
drinking: whiskey, cider, honey, and lemon toddies on dark, chilly nights. 
reading: the anne of the green gables series over again—this week, anne of the island
listening: to arcade fire, the suburbs album.
watching: 4:45 pm sunsets. 
bookmarking: christmas gift ideas for family and friends. 
wanting: a pretty robe for lounging. 
looking: forward to thanksgiving. both our families will be together under one roof!
enjoying: my new milk steamer. cafe au lait at home feels like such a luxury. 
waiting: patiently until the day after thanksgiving for holiday tunes. 
wondering: how today got away from me so quickly.
loving: candles with names like pumpkin clove and autumn in the park. 
hoping: i make it to the met this weekend. 
marveling: at how soon my family will be here. two weeks!
needing: a cafe afternoon. reading, writing, daydreaming. 
wearing: flannel and scarves and chunky knit sweaters. 
smelling: clean laundry hanging to dry.
noticing: earth while she's the color of fire. 
knowing: i've got much to be thankul for. 
laughing: every morning at articles on gothamist. 
thinking: autumn thoughts. 
daydreaming: of our first christmas morning together.
wishing: on eyelashes when they fall. 
feeling: happy, feeling whole. 


  1. Everything sounds so cozy, warm and happy! I love it. Love the 'Anne' series ... I can never decide if Anne of the Island or Anne's House of Dreams is my favorite ... so good!

  2. love this series (: love love love it