23 October 2015

week forty two.

making my week:
+ toast with butter and apricot jam
+ the west village in her october colors
+ hocus pocus and a big bowl of pasta
+ red, crunchy leaves underfoot
+ great joy in a clean kitchen 
+ natural light
+ candelight

and most of all: shopping with my college roommate for her wedding gown. not all that long ago, court and i were eighteen and daydreaming together about what someday might look like. and just like that, someday is here. how fast it all goes! her sweet mama made it such a lovely occasion—we celebrated with supper at quality meats—and i got butterflies fluffing her veil, thinking of the real day. it'll be here before we know it. 


  1. The best!! <3 So happy to have you there with me! xo

  2. So happy you got to share that with Courtney! What a beautiful bride she will make! Oh! And I love the new arrangement on your gallery wall! 32 days until I get to see it in person! XO