08 October 2015

oh autumn. delicious autumn.

ever my favorite; it's been this way since i was a little girl. all the year long, i anticipate the first day i step outside and can call the morning crisp.

i adore it all:

cool winds rushing in and windows cracked for the very best sleep. cupboards stocked with extra chocolate chips and the makings of pumpkin bread. taking stock of flannels. candles of wood and pine and clove. meal planning with cozy in mind: cornbread and chili and pot roast and soup. classic tales, pulled from the shelf and revisited with glee. layers and leather shoes. knit blankets always in arm's reach. freshly washed bed linens. dried eucalyptus and three dollar carnations on the table, on the dresser, in the bathroom. steaming milk for morning coffee. wee windowsill pumpkins, all in a row.


  1. your writing is so very lovely. just like fall x

  2. I need to know more about this casserole thing up there. It looks delicious.