29 September 2015

weekend in greenville.

wedding season continued this past weekend in south carolina. it made my heart so happy to be with family and friends, and to celebrate my childhood friend shannon's marriage. it's a really special thing, having friends you've known your whole life. it's crazy to think we are living days we used to daydream about together as little girls. many of them even have children of their own now! each new season of life seems even better than the last.

this weekend also marked the first time i've taken chris to my hometown. i so enjoyed showing him the street where i grew up, my high school, where i danced in ballet recitals and the nutcracker every year, the ice cream shop where i worked my first job—all the sorts of places that make a childhood.

a few favorites from the weekend:
+ staying up late to drink wine and talk with my parents
+ biscuits and gravy and bacon bloody marys at tupelo honey
+ espresso and cream at coffee underground
+ a visit with my grandfather
+ cajun chicken biscuits at bojangles'
+ the way it felt to introduce my love to my oldest friends
+ how christy welcomed us with fresh flowers and pumpkin bark
+ the leaves changing along the reedy river
+ a walk through the saturday market down main street
+ the morning my dad made his famous darn goods for breakfast
+ cuddling friends' sweet babies and rejoicing in two more on the way
+ a tall glass of sweet tea every chance i got

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  1. Loved having you two here to be our exploring buddies this past weekend! Thanksgiving can't get here fast enough! XOXO Love you!