18 September 2015

putt putt on the pier.

the dozens of piers along the hudson river have such a storied history (the titanic was to dock at number 59) and i'm so fascinated by the way they've each been repurposed over the years to serve the public. these days, the piers are used for soccer, beach volleyball, playgrounds, batting cages, ice skating, outdoor movies, a trapeze school, kayaking, bowling, rock climbing—the list goes on and on. we all live in such small quarters, and new york does such a good job of making outdoor spaces feel like one big backyard for all.

one afternoon last weekend, we found ourselves with a couple of hours to kill before dinner plans and decided to check out the mini golf course on pier 25 in tribeca. we had the best time! a waterfall, streams, and a cave made the course fun, and my competitive streak might have showed itself a time or two. :) i think the best part was the view. as we meandered the course, we could see sailboats, ships, and the skyline for miles. 

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  1. Stop it Chris with those shoes and that beard. I'm dying. Your boyfriend is the cutest. (This isn't weird is it?)(it is?)(I'll stop.)