24 September 2015

book club // the girl on the train.

alternate title: five girls brunching in a french bistro fashioned after an old train car hidden on the sixth floor of bloomingdale's.

we meant to dine at le train bleu two springs ago, when we read murder on the orient express, but the hours they keep are rather short and there's no dinner option, so we saved it for another day. and good thing! it paired so well with the girl on the train. 

what a fun morning we had. the food was just fine, but the experience was really lovely. every detail—velvet seats and brass lamps, dark wood and luggage racks—transported us to a romantic, bygone era. it was a bittersweet brunch—this was cokie's last book club before moving away and i so appreciated how our waitress happily refilled our coffee without ushering us out (no one was waiting), allowing us to talk and linger as long as we liked. it was a sweet way to spend our last book club as five. 


  1. I just finished this book! Good! and creepy! & totally The perfect place to chat about girl on the train -- any good book suggestions? I feel utterly lost now. :)

    1. good and creepy is the best way to describe this book :) i found it very gone girl-ish!

      today i am starting mindy kaling's new book of essays, why not me?, and then i plan to move on to the recommendations cup of jo posted last week: http://cupofjo.com/2015/09/best-new-books-of-fall-2015/

      let me know what you end up reading! i'd love to hear!