13 July 2015


we hopped a westward train on friday afternoon, bound for al fresco suppers and homemade pina coladas. a burst of inspiration hit us in the grocery store produce aisle and, next thing we knew, we were on the back porch with a saw and all the trappings of fruity poolside drinks. 

it's always special to be with his family and i feel so fortunate that they live so close. i love the conversations that happen with his parents over coffee early in the morning. i love his mama's garden brimming with roses, daisies, lilies, and hydrangeas, and how she cuts a bouquet for the table. i love watching the boys at the grill with big smiles on their faces. 

yes, these are good days. 


  1. Oh my. Your weekend looks absolutely heavenly! And those Pina Coladas! XO

  2. Ugh! This is so good, Alexa! You are living the dream!