31 July 2015

taking stock // 005.

making: my grandmother's meatloaf recipe and telling stories as we go. 
eating: popsicles, gelato, coco helado...anything to keep cool.
drinking: all the coconut milk and rum concoctions. 
reading: just finished crazy rich asians, a perfect summer read.
listening: to a whole lotta mumford & sons, old and new. 
watching: television rarely. i like it this way.
bookmarking: travel wishes. always. 
wanting: a break from the heat, please. new york is melting this week!
looking: forward to wedding season this fall. lots of sweet friends to celebrate.
enjoying: sunflowers on my table, thanks to my sweetheart.
waiting: for bethany to finish working so we can go to shake shack.
wondering: what their shake flavor is today?
loving: essie nail polish in marshmallow.
hoping: for another year in my treehouse. lease renewal time makes me anxious!
marveling: that tomorrow is august, already. 
needing: to catch up on my journal. 
wearing: a pink sundress.
smelling: new york city in july. it's not my favorite, if you can imagine. ;)
noticing: "protect your magic" stamps all over the city sidewalks lately. i like it. 
knowing: autumn will be here before we know it. 
laughing: at memories from book club last night. those girls are always a good time.
thinking: we should plan a rockaway beach day before the summer ends. 
daydreaming: about a lazy sunday together, with coffee and books and the hum of a fan.
wishing: for a good rainstorm.
feeling: excited as i make his birthday plans. it's a secret :)


  1. Also, yes to summer almost ending. Because when it cools down I will actually leave my apartment building more than twice a week.
    Also, now I want to read that book!