01 July 2015

book club // primates of park avenue.

alternate title for this post: hello, upper east siders.

book club met over the weekend for a leisurely brunch at jones wood foundry. scones and lemon curd, hot coffee and yorkshire pudding—just the fare for a cold and rainy day. 

for june, we read primates of park avenue, an (exaggerated, it seems) account of life among manhattan's most privileged women. as women making our way on the very same island—although in ways much different from the women in the book—the stories were fascinating, our conversations even more so. my ears still ring from the collective roar of our feminist sensibilities.

and what would a morning on the upper east side be, without window shopping and macarons? we loved the flavors of earl grey, rose, and marie antoinette.


  1. I love it! Feminist roar, indeed.

  2. Love! Courtney is rocking the Upper East Side look!!!

  3. I read an article I think by the same author of that book, or maybe just about the same topic. It was scarily accurate from what I have seen in my six ears working among those women at the orthodontic office. We treated the weathiest families in the city and it was horrifying to see their priorities sometimes.