17 June 2015

small things i want to remember.

summer storms. fog hugging all the right places. sentences that begin with "remember that time...". the feel of his hand searching for mine. a made bed. hot coffee all day long. the sorts of conversations that can only unfold between women. flowers in a mason jar. a well-fitted shirt and tie. a clean kitchen. farmers markets on saturdays. telling stories through photographs. a lit candle in the morning.

1 comment:

  1. Making note of (here):

    •flowers from last weekend's wedding

    •late evenings with my (biggest) boy

    •buying furniture on the fly for our new house

    •a borrowed wardrobe

    •popcicles..all day, 'er day

    •neighborhood kids asking if Amos can come out to play

    •shopping for a "YO-YO" for Father's Day for Mikey because that's what Amos picked out for him all by himself