11 June 2015

postcard from central park.

the weather this week has been all sorts of wonderful, so last night after work i grabbed my camera and set out to see what central park is up to. there is no overstating the beauty of central park in summer—all the shades of green and picnics, rowboats, and frisbee games for days. all along the water's edge, ducks are paired off and growing their families. turtles hold court on the rocks and i even saw one rebel bound for sheep meadow. swingsets are in high demand. kites fly high. feet and shoulders are bare as books upon books are devoured on the great lawn. the past couple of summers, a sweet little carnival has set up shop where the ice rink camps in winter. you can hear trailing notes of music and glee long after the rides are out of sight. i love the minds that dreamt this up and made it come true. 

1 comment:

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