14 May 2015

taking stock // 003.

making: summer playlists.
eating: strawberries. they're so sweet right now!
drinking: mint lemonade. 
reading: wolf hall, slowly but surely. 
listening: to van morrison, all of the time lately. 
watching: pretty sunsets from my windowsill. 
bookmarking: things to see and places to stay. hashtag someday travel. 
wanting: a hair trim. or maybe it's a need...
looking: at the weather report and liking what i see. 
enjoying: walks around the neighborhood on warm nights. 
waiting: ever so impatiently for the weekend to come around. 
wondering: if the shirt i am crushing on at anthro is ever going to go on sale. 
loving: how he makes my coffee. 
hoping: to make it to the farmers market soon.
marveling: at how fast the blossoms came and went. 
needing: a new candle. i burn through them so quickly. 
wearing: jeans, flats, a t-shirt, and a scarf. my spring uniform?
smelling: lilacs, everywhere. i love them so. 
noticing: how green everything is, all of a sudden. so green!
knowing: timing is everything. 
laughing: at some good but funny news i received earlier this week. 
thinking: "just because" is the best reason of all. 
daydreaming: about our escape to the carolina coast. next week!
wishing: next week was this week.
feeling: just really thankful for where i am in life. 

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