06 April 2015


this weekend, a getaway. something about the holiday and sunny weather made us want to pack a bag, hop a train, and get the heck out of dodge. 

we spent the weekend with his sweet parents and reveled in our time away. we slept in, took a walk into town for bagels, went for long drives, and explored princeton's stunning campus. at night we made old fashioneds and played hearts. there was a crossword puzzle here, talk of summer plans there, and we made our way back to the city for a pretty easter service, brunch, and a stroll around harlem meer. 

family time is the very best time and—between last weekend with my family and this weekend with his—i feel so grateful for the abundance we've had lately. springtime is off to a sweet, sweet start. 


  1. The fifth photograph, to what appears to be the inside of a cathedral (crosses fingers hoping I was not wrong) is absolutely gorgeous to look at! such intricate detail


  2. That picture of the brothers made me smile. And the one of you and Chris by the meer.