10 April 2015

taking stock // 002.

making: lots of colorful salads lately. 
eating: all of the thin mints. 
drinking: more water. 
listening: to iron & wine on repeat. old stuff, new stuff, all of it. 
watching: for cherry blossoms in the park. anytime now!
bookmarking: summertime pasta recipes. i'm most excited for lemon spaghetti.
wanting: basically all of anthro's april catalog. a girl can dream. 
looking: forward to book club brunch with my girlfriends this weekend. 
enjoying: our wednesday night modern family + fro-yo dates. 
waiting: impatiently for t-shirt weather. 
wondering: what ever happened to the sixty four degree forecast for today??
loving: cup of jo's apartment tour series. so inspiring.
hoping: for another thunderstorm like last night's. it's my favorite way to sleep. 
marveling: constantly at his sweet heart. 
needing: more coffee. always. 
wearing: no socks. finally!
smelling: hyacinths all down fifth avenue. 
noticing: how much my spirits are lifted by these lighter, longer days. 
knowing: i get to see my family again in june. cheers to summer plans!
laughing: at the april fools' antics of a certain mischievous friend. 
thinking: 5 o'clock can't get here fast enough. 
daydreaming: about lazy beach days. 
wishing: laundry would wash itself. 
feeling: like the luckiest. 


  1. I love this series! I'm completely in the same boat in terms of how I feel about doing laundry this weekend and going home in the summer. I am also now inspired to get Thin Mints, though I'll have to wait until Saturday night if I do. (Passover.) Apparently, there are now ice cream versions of them!

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Love this sort of snapshot rundown of a week or period of time. And the wishing bit? Yes, I'm especially with you on that. Wishing for washing.

  3. Loving this series of posts! If it were my series, I would add... missing: YOU!