29 April 2015

central park | the conservatory garden.

not sure how this happened, considering i spend hours of my life in central park each week, come rain, snow, or shine, but i only just discovered the conservatory garden over the weekend. 

the conservatory garden is lovely. it is divided into three smaller, distinct victorian gardens—italian, french, and english—and tucked away in the northeast corner of central park. a beautiful iron gate separates it from the rest of the park. if you aren't looking for it, you could very well walk right on by—or at least, i now realize i have more than once over the past five years!

the towering hedges and winding paths are so very dreamy and the eternal child inside me swooned hard over the statue in the lily pool, said to be mary and dickon from the secret garden. i know i went totally overboard with photos of the blushing magnolias, but i really can't help myself. blink and you miss them, and they are already on their way out. 


  1. That's so funny. I was recently thinking of checking out the conservatory garden myself because it, too, is something I haven't made a point of seeing, or realized whether I'd seen! (I learned about it from a book.) Based on your photos, it looks really nice!

  2. Wait wait wait wait wait. YOU have never been there before???? This is shocking to me! You must go back, and often. It is amazing almost any time of year you go. I looks like maybe there weren't flowers in the northernmost section on this day. Usually there are, and that is the most spectacular part, it's insane. I'm so glad you finally made it up there!