21 April 2015

alice christmas | twenty months.

how cute is she? her mama wanted photos that capture who she is at twenty months old, so we simply went for a walk—down the street where they live, by the subway they ride each day, to the 116th street murals they love so much—with alice christmas leading the way. she waved and chirped hello to passersby, alerted us to the crosswalk, and called out colors and shapes and landmarks as she saw them. here she is, alice christmas just shy of two—all dimples, dance moves, pigtails, and charm.


  1. Love this prose, Alexa. You're remarkable.

    1. thank you so much, mary! very kind of you to say. i was just thinking about you this weekend—i walked right by ground central :) i hope you are doing well!

  2. That girl! She is adorable. Love her.

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  4. These are fabulous!! ... that wall -- I'm swooning (: