03 March 2015


this weekend brought a quick trip to south carolina. i wish the reason for my visit had been different, but i am grateful for time with family and friends i miss so much. 

it isn't often that i get to go back home when it isn't a holiday, so this weekend was all about soaking up the everyday—lively family dinners, conversations late into the night, hours and hours spent with friends' precious babes cuddled close in my arms. it was especially sweet getting to be there for my parents' half marathon. i loved watching them with their friends, all so excited after months of hard work. they've always been there for me, cheering hard over the years, and it was wonderful getting to do the same for them. one proud daughter, over here. 


  1. You are the best fan ever! Thanks for toting us around and documenting our big day! XO

  2. I loved seeing pictures of their race!! So fun to watch them accomplish that together. They are seriously the cutest.